To my life

Imagine jumping into a pool that’s 18 ft deep,
going all the way down,
you don’t think that is going to be hard to get back up...
but then you Realize: you don’t have much air left to make it up.
Now you’re on 12 ft
see the light at the top?
were you know everything is going to be okay
if only you reach the surface.
But your barely on 10ft
feeling the pressure yet?
All the water on top of your aching chest
It all feels as if everything was depending on that one last breath.
But your barely on 8ft
all your energy is drained,
and your about to quit.
But your barely on 4ft
everything you have ever cried for,
laughed for is passing threw your mind now
But your already in 2ft
you had quit in 6fit so now its too late to take a breath .


Its what it feels to have so many things in your chest you can't handle.


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Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

That is a very compelling poem. I think I understand it. Dealing with the pressure of life is like diving into a pool where the rise to the top again is difficult. Is that right?

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