A poem of love and hope

Take me back to The Mango Tree
where it was sweet
where it was always May
Take me back to The Mango Tree
Where your love was magic
and the garden was full of flowers
Where the humming bird spoke dizzy songs
and every morning I woke up with
melodies of hope and love
Take me back to The Mango Tree
whose never dies
it never dies
Take me to the place where you love
grew tall and strong
Take me back to The Mango Tree
Where I can see you love again
Take me back once again to The Mango Tree
whose leaf never fall and its fruit is sweet
As sweet as you loved me
Take me Home


I wrote this poem one year after my father died. When I was 8 years old my father bought a new apartment. This new condo had a big garden so my father got a small mango tree so small it needed a fence around it to protected it from the kids and the animals. My father was told the small mango tree never will give fruits and it will no last as long as the regular mango trees. However, the care and love my father gave this tree made it strong. It grew tall and strong and one May it gave fruits as sweet as the love of my father. My father was a lovely man who treated everyone as he treated the little mango tree. He love made me be a better person.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

My parents were my mango tree, too.

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J Ann Crowder