It was not suppose to be me and you all over each other
I was not suppose to act on it if I knew it would ruin me                  
I could have just let it slip and look the other way
But in stead I smiled back to it

I didn’t know if you let me, I will get lost in it, It was suppose to be once but two many, I wasn’t suppose to fall in love
But it really wasn’t forced              
I now understand when they say love come softly, But I didn’t know it’s addictive, It wasn’t suppose to be my sickness, Wasn’t suppose to be you as my remedy, It was suppose to be me in control, I was suppose to let me run me but my feelings over powered  my thoughts, I never knew love until I knew u, even though I can not have you, u still the 1 I long to b with. ..and it hurts.

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Robert L. Martin
plus de 5 ans

Dear Marupeng. Thank you very much for choosing me to follow. I wish you success in everything you set out to do. Your friend, Robert.

Marupeng doreen mootwana
plus de 5 ans

True that..

Robert L. Martin
plus de 5 ans

Love is blind, allright. Andt without love, we will never feel its affect. We are emotionally empty. It is much better to feel something.

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Leesaan Robertson

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