It’s not by choice  
It’s not by choice that we choose to be black
It’s not by choice that we choose to be poor
It’s not by choice to choose to be disadvantaged
It’s not by choice to choose to accept our situations
It’s not by choose to choose to let it be as it has always been
Does freedom mean we free yet Dom?
As I fail to understand the meaning as the world claim to only see free in riches and Dom in poor
Riches in white and poor in black
Riches in soulselling and poor in standing for what is right
It’s not by choice that money sees colour and success knows money to open doors
It’s not by choice that I choose to be illiterate because the choice is forced on me by the so called democracy
Which we know the word but we do not see the meaning
Social equality, yes, democracy,
Seen as being an activity practiced by those that have papers with animals and the face of the man who made it possible for few less disadvantaged
It’s this how you thank him?
And I still say it not by choice to choose being ruled by ‘you do not know my situation’ bullshit excuses
I do not want to be free and end Dom “die misunderstood” and tell me if is not by choose....
Gunshot to my future before I can even see the light to brighten my tomorrow,
As I see no point to leave in darkness, for I have been jailed since my existence,
And why should I choose to live when death sentence has been my purpose from day 1 I open my mouth to express my feelings....
I had no choice to choose if I am right or wrong
And yet no choice to choose to breath or reason..
So you tell me if I have a choice...

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