To a Man

My man is Black Golden Amber Changing.
Warm mouths of Brandy Fine
Cautious sunlight on a patterned rug
Coughing laughter, rocked on a whirl of French tobacco
Graceful turns on woolen stilts Secretive?
A cat’s eye.
Southern, Plump and tender with navy bean sullenness
And did I say Tender?
The gentleness
A big cat stalks through stubborn bush
And did I mention Amber?
The heatless fire consuming itself.
Again. Anew. Into ever neverlessness.
My man is Amber
Always into itself
New. Now New
Still itself.
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Olga Gavrilovskiy Shemené Kok Esther Yasmin Groeneveld Janaviya Juan Michael Gae Dove Maduo Toria Daymond R Robinson sandra consolata Wellington Tichagwa Cat Williams Maggi Garcia Celiwe Dlamini
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