When I think about myself,
I almost laugh myself to death,
My life has been one great big joke,
A dance that’s walked
A song that’s spoke,
I laugh so hard I almost choke
When I think about myself.
Sixty years in these folks’ world
The child I works for calls me girl
I say “Yes ma’am” for working’s sake.
Too proud to bend
Too poor to break,
I laugh until my stomach ache,
When I think about myself.
My folks can make me split my side,
I laughed so hard I nearly died,
The tales they tell, sound just like lying,
They grow the fruit,
But eat the rind,
I laugh until I start to crying,
When I think about my folks.

Entrar para comentar...
Charlize J
10 meses

What is the meaning of the poem?

Delwyn Birch
12 meses

I see God in your work.

Hailish Yelzeger
más de 1 año

RIP dear sweet beautiful Marguerite <3

más de 1 año

What does grow the fruit and eat the rind mean?

Hailish Yelzeger
Hailish Yelzeger
más de 1 año

It means.. slaves tended to the crops but did not get to eat what was grown.. given scraps instead - a rind of fruit.

Isabella Koldras
casi 2 años

..it is a journey ...not a destination... R.I.P. Maya Angelou.

Shemené Kok
alrededor de 2 años

Yeah I like reading this one every now and then, reminds me of what poetry truly is.

Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
más de 2 años

May you rest in peace my dear Lady Maya Angelou. There will not be anybody very soon that will reach the heights of your success and be loved so much...

Maria Do Céu Pires Costa
Maria Do Céu Pires Costa
más de 1 año

Hi, dear Ingeborg! :) I'd like to invite you to read my poem "Deep Trail in Poetry". Then you'll see my association to your post above. Thanks in advance.

más de 2 años

a marvel fuse,

Darío Martínez
casi 3 años

Really lovely, madam. Congrats!
(Buenos Aires, Argentina).

casi 3 años

Amen to this one. These words have given me inspiration.

Great poem.


Rocio Fierro
casi 3 años

I really like this poem!

Robert L. Martin
casi 3 años

The world is a funny place.

casi 3 años

Incredibly moving poem, I enjoyed every line!

D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)
casi 3 años

Well said.

alrededor de 4 años

you truly have a talent , don't give up on yourself you're amazing and have something great destined for you, don't give up on yourself <3

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