Perishables must be ingested, so intimately incorporated into this being… food
how is it that we overlook such a penetrating, ever pervasive relationship between person and plant, man and animal; animal and plant
How far must reality be dissected, broken down before it is realized that we are ALL ONE thing
A thing... how impersonal, though striving to be collectively personal
As we separate and enter the most minute details, the tiniest particles:
ions chaotically moving through the soil based on subtle (yet all encompassing) forces, movement based on gradients,
calm, perceived order is just this RANDOM, ENGINEERED, SEEMINGLY INTENDED phenomena; patterns that govern the properties of physical reality
THAT which we have theorized is happening around us,
within plants: proton pumps and plasmodesmatal pores allowing the passage of material based on size, electrical charge and concentration gradient
Matter and energy naturally going where it lacked
drawn toward equilibrium
Perhaps this is why we are increasingly attracted to learn and indulge similar experiential learning opportunities (the gaining of understanding/awareness through sensory informational stimuli)
that it is a neglected aspect of our collective reality that I personally have chosen to occypy,
that which is my duty to occupy
To occupy me
Be one with my situation
And realize that WE are codependent
There cannot be this without that
recognizing self through other.
the threads that push and pull, supply and require
We as antennae of consciousness, along with the rest of life forms (most obviously trees)
that serve to energetically ground the latent energy of the sun  (the sun: a supposedly combusting sphere of gas alleged to be responsible for our sentient exsistence) into the food chain of life;
and language (thought, concept, intention) into a physically perceived manifestation.
To be interacted WITH
To be understood by whatever standards and/or framework within which THE subject is being perceived
and how fluid these frames become
how malleable boundaries are
boundaries define and attach language with conceptual bias
quantify, name, and understand
control and command
and likewise limited by the framework upon which these understandings are initially acquired  
influences are pyramidal from day one
laying the foundation for further growth
one layer at a time


eating, food for thought, reflection, reflective, introspection, flow of consciousness

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