Art of the Stars

It is our love story that gives me hope,
Reminds me of the lasting beauty I need to cope.
For our stars were not aligned,
My heart was still open for the first time.
I didn’t need you to give me the moon,
You showed me the whole magnificent sky.
I carry it with me in my heart.
For us there was no fairy tale ending,
I had the sky in my heart,
But we couldn’t change the stars and their art.
I walked away with such sorrow in my soul,
But the only thing that kept my feet from falling,
From stopping to run back to you,
Was the wonderful life you so deserved.
I know you would have stayed,
It tore me apart to watch our play.
To see our love decay,
But you were so much more so I decided to be the one to pay.
Life is not fair,
Sometimes even intolerable,
But you were my lost pearl.
I see you now with the light in your unmistakeable eyes,
And as you look into mine,
It gives me my peace from inside.
The art of the stars is still there and I know for once I did the right thing for our pair.

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