To Grandma Doris

In a home so small and clean
That smells of baked cookies and pies
There was a little pink room with a drawer’
So neat. Do i dare? But then, i took a peek!
There i saw hankies, piled just right.
Folded in blue and pin, clean and white.
Initialed “D” and “H” for grandma and grandpa... i think.
I remember the hankies in her pockets and purse,
We would see her clutching one at weddings and funerals.
As the pastor recited a verse, in her soft  wrinkled hand
We would spy, the wiping of tears that fell from her eyes.
For we always knew, that sneaky ol’ grandpa had one in his pocket too!
But now grandma has passed, and here i sit with a box full of hankies
Piled just right, folded in blue and pink.
Clean and white, initialed “D” and “H” for Doris and Hubert..i think.
I remember her hankies in my pocket and purse.....


This was written after my maternal grandma had passed. The memories
are brought back by her hankies during my childhood. It sounds more like
child is writing it, but i had to think like one in order to reveal the true sentiments
of these hankies.

grandma, hankies, purse

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casi 6 años

Hhhmmm, a child who could write very well. :)
Very nice poem!

Charlotte B. Williams
alrededor de 6 años

Very sweet, and very nice memories of your Grandmom. I like this.

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