A heavy-laden childbirth,
Unhesitating to the world.
Laid upon my bosom
I gazed into his eyes
Stopped and staring back
As if thinking.
Calmly, he canvassed my face.
Seeming silent, but nor weeping.
The milkiest of flesh
Covering his whole body.
Upon his heavy head
Lay hair of midnight soil,
And tiny red lips with
Eyes of ocean blue.
Counting slowly to ten
I pointed to his fingers and toes.
Then lifted from my nestled arms,
Broke out a terrible shriek
Like a furry frightened cat.
His father followed
With worry hung over his brow.
The nursemaid cleansed him thoroughly,
Wrapping him gently, like a special gift.
I held my arms up high
As if to hold him one last time.
But in the doorway
Leaning against the cracked hospital wall
Waiting patiently, they stood
Gazing upon the infant
Anxiously expecting
To hold their newborn baby.
Have i given life unto thee?
To be forsaken to another human being
How special my heart must be?
Stepping closer, drawing nearer
Lovingly looking as if in love,
I stared for a time
Then the moment passed.
Was i to be forgotten?
Will he know that
the love i have
will always last and last.


For all birth mothers who choose to give their child up for adoption.

infant, adoption, birth

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