How can you feel so alone in a world where you’re always in touch with everyone you know?
You want to tell them but you don’t dare
You want to have trust but it’s just not there
Your back is still bleeding
It’s been bleeding for years
Fresh wounds
Old scars
how can you tell if anyone really cares?
They say that they love you they say that they’re there but man were all so selfcentered
Can’t even say it’s not fair  
We only listen to be listened to
Were not concerned
Were simply courteous
Just waiting our turn
Were all selfish even if we believe it not to be true
Let’s be honest we can’t deny it
None of us noticed
I mean really
Did we even try
No instead we blame them
We never even opened our eyes
Wow they were such good actors
Fact is they didn’t have to pretend
We slipped out halfway before the movie even came to an end
And it did end
It ended so quick
Now your eyes are open
But hurry it’s just for a blink
Well be more cautious
Sure that’s what we think
No, our egos always return
It happens so often and somehow we never learn
It wasn’t a broken human
It’s a broken humanity


I don't mean to offend anyone and you don't have to agree with my poem this is just how I felt when I wrote this.

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