To Sierra Clark, my dear cousin.

Smiles and laughter,
We are each others headmasters,
And we will always love each other til the hereafter.
When one is down,
The other’s always around,
To each other we will always be bound.
Secrets are our thing,
To each other we crazily cling,
We love each other even though we both can be equally annoying.
Even then, each of our company is always enjoying.
Though we can act so different,
We are both so incommonly brilliant,
And our love for each other is always gonna be significant,
And deliberate.
When one has a lover,
The other makes sure his background is to be uncovered,
Making sure that the relationship is not to suffer.
Our love for each other is eternal,
If materialized, it could fly universal,
Our love is always so sentimental.
When tears fall,
There’s no empty space, because the other is there above all,
When one’s down the other is ready to fall and baul,
So together we will soon prove our love to All.
People say they cause only mischief,
They say that is just too ridiculous,
They can cause it, but not alone,
For they cannot ever only do that.
“How else,” they say, “would we be into so much love with each other
If all we caused was mischief? Tis just ridiculous!”
They’re love is something that could never be made by a ritual,
They’re love will just keep growing cause it’s so additional,
They’re love is like this,
Because it’s unconditional.


Made this for my cousin who is more like my soul sister.

Unconditional Love

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