They dont understand because I bottle up what I feel.
I hide my problems behind a smile
But my mind keeps running hundreds of miles.
Lately, so many things have happened
Im losing all my family and friends.
I’m making up lies
Every day something inside me dies
As I cry and wonder why?
Why is my life becoming so hard?
Why is my life so confusing?
To others its amusing.
Seeing me break down each day
Trying to keep negativity at bay.
Everyone thinks its easy
Till you walk in someones shoes its a hurricane instead of breezy.
Not everyones life is perfect
Not everyones life is bad
But sometimes our own conflicts leave us without ladde.
This worlds becoming a terrible place
I’ve become a waste of space.
Just sitting here, crying and whining
Hoping someone could enter my mind and find me
Help me, save me
Carry me out alive
Hold me in their arms as I cry.
But I guess it’s just better to just say goodbye.


It should speak for itself..

*ladde-to lead, or guide

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Yadira Mendez
plus de 4 ans

Dear Kay(Author)
The way you wrote this poem did literally touched my heart...Now i understand you feel in this poem...Remember i always love u!!

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Yadira Mendez

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