Pencil, paper, textbook, and Chromebook.
Schedule, letter, binder, and agenda.
Most are new,
Some of the olds.
Class to class,
Teachers from teachers.
So many strangers,
To little of old forgotten friends here.
Fearfulness and tightened chest,
Stomach nausea, and dried up throat.
Very aware,
So full of despair.
Wondering why life brought me here,
Wishing my cheeks weren’t so full of tears.
Walking more,
Talking less.
Very aware,
Full of sour despair.
Looking around,
Seeing new and old faces.
Some happiness sparks,
Despair and pain put it out.
As you know,
And i should learn,
The everything we love is happiness.
Yet the every happiness is soon gone.
Happiness id not joy,
Happiness does not last,
Forever More.


I made this poem on the day i started going to a new school.

Being new at a school.

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