I don’t understand how I feel now a days.
I am in love, next thing I know,
I’m falling for someone who’s leading me out of this glorious maze.
I’m so confused,
I don’t know where to run,
They’re words have me misused.
I wish people could know how they’re words hurt,
Brother, sister, stranger, anyone, everyone treats me like dirt.
I feel so alone!
It’s like I have no real home!
They need to learn,
It’s their love I yearn,
And they aren’t there, they cause me hurt..
If I had a flare,
I’d use to to flare their minds blown to make them realize who I am.
I am so freakin alone,
If only such thing as love loan,
It’s like they love more my not there clone.
Oh how it hurts,
Funny how it’s not a first,
Because of them I’m at my worst.
Is anyone around?
Someone there for me to turn to?
It’s like pain, loneliness, hurt I am bound.
I wish I could understand this world,
So i  could know how every bad curve or turn that I can hurl.
I need more love,
Than just some hugs.
I need more love,
Than being shown off like I’m some 'toy’.
I need more love,
Than being easily put on and off like a glove.
I need more love,
Than something some violator can get ahold of.
I deserve more love than this.
Hug me, hold me, kiss me, unfold me.
Look me in the eyes, tell me you love me, and mean it.
Do you not know I NEED this now?
I need YOU now!
Give me your love, and I’ll give you mine,
Cause its you, who for I will fight.


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