To everyone who says their lives are bad.

Hast thou ever heard of pain?
You say you're the worst of all,
When other lives crumble worse, then fall.
You cry out, and say it’s in agony,
When others lives are so much more full of tragedy.
Tell me if thou is in pain,
Because at least others do not live in vain.
You tell me whether your life is crazy,
When others are drugged so bad their vision is permanently hazy,
And so many are just, to move, too lazy.
Tell me again, you get into fights,
When others think their life’s so bad they’d feel better to just take flight outta their life.
Tell me you wanna cry everyday,
Well I cry every night!
I’m blamed on mistakes, even if I try!!
How about you wake up, and realize,
There are others out there, with way worse lives.


If someone says their life's bad, they must not realize a true fact. There is AWAYS someone who has a worse life than your's.

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Robert L. Martin
Environ 4 ans

There are some people with worst lives than we both have, alright

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