You tell me to smile and laugh,
I try to make sure you avoid my wrath.
You tell me nothings wrong with me,
But you must not be able to see.
You say everything is alright,
But I just hide from you my mind vs heart fights.
You say i’m beautiful,
But I think your just delusional.
You say I never cry,
But how else do i fall asleep every night?
You say I am different,
I know I am, so get over it.
You say I am happy,
But that is very few times now.
You say nothing bad is inside me,
But evil in the future is what I for-see.
You say I am not depressed,
Look into my eyes and tell me otherwise.
You say I am not suicidal,
Well, sadly I am and you’ll have to deal with my being so because your non-beliefs in me have caused this problem I now must suffer with, so thank you.


This is how it is, isn't it? Feeling alone, everyone telling me things I know are wrong.


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