Ellipis Fade

Political speak, unnaturally born of necessity,
it reeks of lies;
foundations biased, with inhumane force,
of this, we seek apprise;
morally, its tweak of forked tongue,
wickedness does so underlie;
corrupt minds, and wretched graft,
treason, is crime decriminalized.
Current trend, an impassionate fiend,
past forgot by all spado;
mindset bent, for continued reign,
third term republican, redux;
secludes thoughts so important,
implies the common voter, a fool;
truth denied, by technology plied,
results, an end to civil rule.
Reality, hid beneath morphed insanity,
blinds men to gross chagrin;
redeemed cost, is freedom’s release,
avoids the tragedy of Verdun;
equality, diced by parties both,
they, are diabolical conjoined twins;
assured is America’s slaughter,
our cohesion, takes it on the chin.
Social thought leaks weakness,
bestowed, by those of ingenit birth;
conscience, drent by complicity,
truthful minds, our nation’s dearth;
spin, proves negative posit,
politicians, lack bond of potter’s earth;
retrograde, positions ill-made,
reveal deceit, as one parties worth.
Livid, is the untrue flesh,
which masks the wickedness of ‘them’;
lies, yet feed the furnace fueled,
by our nation’s pirating oilmen;
create your own decision cast,
be not herded, to their cattle pens;
disillusion granted soon,
rule by corporate wether, never again.
Michael Darrell Walker


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