Fourth’s Corner

The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short.
Abraham Maslow

Neither there, nor here,
nor anywhere near;
this road, that street,
two intersecting lines;
time, as motion,
one moment’s stilled events;
second’s slow chant,
aligned as light’s true sign;
or wit, or wilting
circumstanced mirrors;
chanced step, one takes to walk
astride closed minds’;
money’s jingle, wakens
fete to futures;
counts slowly toward,
each thoughts suspenseful times.
Returning now, thoughts passed,
on one’s corner steep;
assumes hand’s cusp,
and coffee’s sips hold truth;
self-denial breeched
again, thoroughly;
yearnings tone, eye’s tastes’,
in spiced autumn’s whet;
mourning’s warm yet nears,
each year’s passing chimes;
calmed clear, mind mirrors,
stationed stoic’s hymns;
living’s preen life’s bright,
expose’ time’s chagrins;
seer, clears room light’s shine,
expiring’s soul claims.
Consider then,
these wooden floors alone;
the ceiling fans,
coffee bar, opened doors;
crossing street, mind’s eye observes
time’s reels;
time when and where,
thoughts stop day’s slowing hours;
reflection’s glints, light’s flash
off shushing’s glees;
flying chrome aside,
young waitress coffee pours;
shadow’s slide erased,
by this rued day’s glooms;
slowly descends, quiet
noon’s soothing showers.
Awaiting mood,
or moodiness return;
judge not this scene,
for truly what it is;
life’s moot, unless our works
equal heaven’s;
this thought broods in soul,
with mind yet at ease;
complete, these ideas
of place, time, and birth;
once the coffees done,
visions greet one’s eyes;
demise, such sighs
release, these signs to rights;
again the views, and thought
prepends soul’s ooze.
Eyes close slow now,
this morning’s coffee downed;
table’s top once cleared,
sets midday’s new slate;
retrace, rethink,
refresh loosely linked thoughts;
content’s soothe,
Id realigned now creates;
mind’s bolar grazed,
idea’s wawl so resounds;
omitting this, moment’s stage
taints mind’s state;
purviewed focused strait,
impetus for change;
truth’s staid;
word semantics, settle debates.
Cornered knowledge
breaks one’s boundary claims;
opening each mind,
to street’s corner games;
mindsets, bewray thought’s edge,
dripping of stains;
doorway’s quick shutter,
outs those men to blame;
danger, it’s presence shines,
misshaping living’s;
requires awakep,
to stoke time’s inflame;
cloaks’ thrown, so cover
the masses in chains;
keys turned, unforgiving,
heads hang in shame.
Fourth’s corner mindset’s hold,
molds raw brigands;
rising Hestra jeers,
neo-con’s moot shiest;
hidden thoughts,
await one’s moments capture;
swash swayed nationally,
wakes Hels’ sorest;
agenda shown, cedes
this freemen’s country;
society’s flux, fobbed
through deceit’s gulled swist;
exposed putsch, portends
blood’s stains on our streets;
dilemma’s mourn,
our nation’s pledge abaist.
Reality’s flared torch,
thought’s mind stretched run;
breath’s labour raged,
Bast’s ruin, caste driven;
weeps so does fate,
life’s time bleeds quickly;
ardor’s abuse,
exults crepitant minions;
searing sword saves,
cry world’s masses herein;
future’s vision revealed,
human’s number halved deeply;
tears fall, fully drowned,
uber hass’ hakenkreuz risen.
Michael Darrell Walker


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