Friendships Value

Inspired by the word works of Fox Poole

A close friend is silver,
a true friend holds heart’s gold;
only such friends stay with you,
everyone else turns cold;
memories carry us forward,
filling lives with joy;
building bridges between hearts,
that some may seek to destroy;
to that one good friend,
who caused me to be blessed;
your compassion, always available,
for moments when I needed rest;
your honest love and kindness,
life’s ability to ease and console;
making me seem better,
uplifting my troubled soul;
your encounters bring me profits,
my cheerfulness chimes real and sincere;
causing my moods to shimmer directly,
this is friendship I hold so dear;
this earth is limited and finite,
likewise this void of cyberspace;
but know daily, that I lift you up,
to impart into you, god’s grace;
heaven’s day then, is that paradise,
as down here comes to an end;
our time, the greatest of treasures,
made in you, my soul’s fate found friend.
Michael Darrell Walker


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