Imprudence of Virgin Love

Inspired by Robert E. Mensen

Known secrets grid young body bare,
self’s state pixilated;
taught wisely ways of wile,
subtle schooling’s antedated;
tricked through yearning’s eyes,
minds in havoc altercated;
found, paltry few,
midst legion demimondaine, aforecited.
Silhouette shows a worth of youth,
leering minds so seek;
grunts disperse male nature,
upon scent of snowy fleece;
within the arcarnum,
pools one’s shallow, blessed crease;
mind covetousness, a rule,
result, is wanton lust caprice.
Temptation’s relic plied,
upon folding arms and pouty lip;
ptyalin powers conceited tongues,
dripping musk’s eclipse,
this gift to be foremost,
among wooer a body so outstrip;
seam, taunt in quest of wealth,
present for one, to unzip.
What price honour, so resolute
for present time in vogue;
endue precious flesh,
a cost steep, for one thought rogue;
leech descend to the fray,
impede noble worth disembogue;
catch decision’s breast,
tender’s fuels, to arousal’s feague.
Time, and youth metaphor,
cleave antonym for here and now;
flesh, as soil lays fallow,
til moment it is given plough;
such sedulous callousness,
will decision, bend and allow;
imprudence defines virgin love,
all males to this avow.
Michael Darrell Walker

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