Les Collaborations de Vie

Time’s tension,
revealed living’s truths;
I wanted you,
but you are life unloving;
life’s visions,
eyes close concealing trusts;
loveless you,
you who strive to break my heart;
parting passions,
express our couplings release;
love’s longing,
sieved out upon separation’s breast;
angst’s stark divisions,
congeal this lifetime’s mortal wastes;
from pulse,
and certainly from fiery flaming schisms;
life’s choice,
perchance our fate’s bemoaning tastes;
which thoughts,
now view these shattered pieces;
extolling shames,
upon our soul’s emotions smiles;
our life’s love,
now clouds those once eager waves of lust;
intention’s best denied,
two souls retract, from lifetime’s exist;
weep softly now my love,
as our passing’s passions, play arabesques’.
This lifetime’s sufferance stood,
the two of US relate;
alone, I often sit,
as memories of you move in;
through the essence,
that is the very source of me;
amidst the wealth of good,
what negative has shook our peace;
upon my languished state,
this chilled and lonely flesh succumbs;
what good the best,
while all the rest, stalks love’s blinding trust;
our entwined and savagely raw synapses;
mind’s purpling,
blues to the beat of passion’s past;
moments spent,
in discussion’s mist, relates our heart’s last bursts;
within the unquenched heat,
of your soul’s tired deep, heart’s passion
and love’s storied languor ripples.
Such quiet enjoins the weariness,
cast upon this somber greet;
oh, this pain is disquieting,
my god, I know I’m done;
my throat in knots,
mind in effervescent heartless churn;
harm weighed in, this time relents,
is life to US a smiling heart too late;
my life’s tears now flood,
for red and stormy miles;
lost, alone within myself,
the truth’s sadness I so hide;
brought, with haste and worry’s retch,
these two parts, no more lovely’s sweets;
in this, my cold, quiet, and solemn world,
the thoughts cast forth in calm and stilled array;
love, between two grieving lives,
twisting fate so hefts, the weight this choral berates.
I, no longer blind, taunt, or steeped in sinful pride;
hear me in my heart, and from my mouth,
I’m begging you to stay.
Michaelw1two and Blackdahlia
Eve, pls pm... all the best from life and love, to you and all of your relations... Michael.


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