The Final Litmus Test

Inspired by the word work of Brian Johnston

Seems absurd, or so absurd this seams
to read between such seams seemingly absurd
photo graph or mega craft or a draft if you please
and make sure it is room temperature
as there is a difference between cold and warm head
I prefer sloppy and wet and warm head on my beer
these depths of profundity profound indeed of such depth
like that lowest level of; oh well, I digress…
An absurdity at least is less than a burden on a stool
when a stool is one’s throne…
Unknown’ knowing known’ cloned
clowns; con canned neo-conned cone heads?
Makes a fool laugh out loud; and proudly so, fore
my tee shot pulled the right to the left…
Imagine that!
Mitch being, or better yet playing demure as in
a female church mouse…
When compared to that early 09’ idiocy!
Did you see those neck ties! And “Faire’ Wear Boots”!
Lisping lurid lung gob of neo-conned stool…
Are you kidding me? Do you think Americant is still fooled?
No, butt; the electronic vote is sure rigged!
Makes you Laugh…
along with the rest of this world… oh hahaha… and ha!
While 80 individuals hold on to half the planets net
and that other half lives on an eighth of this ball
the utter numbers crunch…
One’s Mind, and the results are not misleading
as is Fixed News…
Shade, something that will soon be rare
as will earth every where and water boils at
212 degrees of separation from its molecules
is this Fixed News?
Eagles soar as do Vultures and machines
butt, most humans sore of politics and minutia…
What is 15%? That percentage of americant’
whom believe the congress of those neo-conned
tea baggers and their republican carpet baggers and
those democrats packing their bags of money free and clear
rated out of 100% approval for packing their bags full of
corporate money via that neo-conned court of jokers
called the supremes…
what sell outs those five mooks are…
took the money and did not have to run
they were appointed…
Talk about lack of representation, talk about
an unevenly divided nation, talk about a solution?
Constitutional Convention and did IAM mention
an American Spring?
ringie, dingie, ringie, dingie…
Hey, someone pick up on that call… It is everyone’ Dad!
Yin and Yang and Yank and Hang and Honk
all the way to work…
each and every day until this shite is reversed!
Eternity is forever and forever is a long night
and with nothing else to do; except watch the earth
While truth is art… and untruth is bad art
and art is really not alive butt bad art ought to die
out quickly…
Seems Death read God’s Book; that one with all
those names…
Pretty good reading too; this is going to be some
earthy shaking fun…
Seems absurd that too heat God’s world
makes God’s children worry…
Hey, a bit of heat in winter time is nothing!
butt, just a touch more heat above this atmosphere
and guess what? A totally hole producing reaction fear
resulting in the spreading out of all race
of all human trace
human missile’ flinging into outer space!
and rather quickly!


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