The God Particle

I asked the desert
to carry me from this place
of the Qubbanet El-Qirud’ infertile soil
suddenly, that whisper of wind
took my hand, and walked
along and alone with me
I, heard a voice, in tones of angels
“we see your beautiful life within”
one that we do not understand
yet, I do not remember this life
as having beauty
I see a life that I have
wasted thoroughly; jealously
and unrighteousness ruled
my empty daze, before
this; please do something
do look closely into me
I asked this of both the angels
and my desert friend
the desert smiled…
as all of Heaven’ Angels
swooned and said, “your life,
from infinity you have come”
an infinite and [iˈn(y)o͞omərəbəl]
probability, willingly mixing
yourself in all particles of life; you are of
infinite scintillae; that blend
into; the “special purpose”; that you
is urbane, decipherable, and vestal
becoming a fertile soil, to accept
those ill wills and innumerable sins
of humanity, all whom have broken the trust
of that which was given…
impurity therefore, is humankind’ “Portae Lucis”
for in the realization of;
you gain your last chance
for a one time, “Contact with Eternity”
you are but dirty and
impure and infertile; I, have cried
upon my friend; this barren desert
begging to become, a participle
of a fertile land; enabled to produce
squalls and outcomes, and sublimed sulfur
I will enjoy, these powerful urges, these
lovingly nudged immoralities within me
and when, I finish with the each of you
I shall enjoy a long and lovely “Desert Sorcery”
verdancy, will be the [ɛksˈpeɪ triˌeɪt] of thee
across this entire Earth; out of me
the sons and daughters of inequity will be judged
and their eternal ends will be welcomed
each of those who is as Adam, and Eve; will be left
out of a home, upon this Eden’ mothered globe
you, who have made burgoo of your lives
know this to be your truth
those who have suffered the dirt and impurity
of the oppressors will be made free, instantaneously!
Oh my lord! Once again, remake me as thee!
and reproduce me, as the very last; God Particle!


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