Caricamento in corso...


Of a frigate, maggot, and / or faggot
on any sun rise’ morn, which would you be?
easy enough; this question’s poise...
for me you ask; IAM all three of these!
In flights of current’ course and greatest height
that lofty, lonesome bird in ballistic trajectory
the proverbial SST to a Piper Cub
chavender to Hubble’-baubles midnight’ shisha!
and lowly worming anestrus of death’s flesh
refreshing scene, and one thought’ profundity!
yes, it is I too, who feasts upon your sins!
thorough then these two of three; all fit
to play the “Challenger’s” fiddle in that
passion plight of fight or diddle
against the soul of you know whom...
Not Mr. Magoo!; don’t shite yourselves so soon!
this ain’t the “Dark Side of your Moon”, its
just my morning’ coffee upper corner!
So, this third of three; not thirty-three
and one-third decreed degreed decried lean of
inclination or divination, or total exasperation;
or your personal expiration date: Whattttttttt!
Check this you fags, faggots; and practitioners’
of personal, financial, corporate, and or
military; faggotry! better body bag up your shite!
do not continue your flyghts towards your
deaths through an acceptance of: “it is what it is”
mentality, your irreality, your scalability, as in “da” fish!
The reality in; not real-estate, as it is God’s will
that love and hate will both together be; alone
and above Helios or, as characteristic of a child’s
temporary insanity; however profane or within a
snide ambiguity, or your ablution’ result, of just
good old stupidity! puddy-puddy-gang-bang-goo!
Pity as to piety, or pie to “Reese’ Pieces”, of an eighth
or, this damn-tum’ thesis; Jesus! Now there is a thought!
A point of ordered toast or utmost or almost; chip beef
can we believe any human’ word? or inner thoughts?
male, female, or other mother’ son’ or daughter’
think deeply upon this dilemma and this lemma,
not the FEMA, ATF, or nihilistic cabal within Peru...
Peep these sections of just this one book; here take
a look at Proverbs 3:5,6; and Isaiah 48:17, 18 too
get a hint well taken; maybe, could be, should
be; twisted doobie and your cistern crudely tooled...
This third, is it of an etymology or an echo’ hollow rings
or chain through the one in your nose? this way it blows!
Hosannas towards what is highest; be it you or being me
bring me your thoughts this day, write them down
on parchment for me to peruse; while I go take a peer
at what this mornings “norm” will bring...
Ring-a-ding-dong... King Kong of just justice C. Thomas
would it be that he were the songster, Clarence Carter!
and his good ole Alabama boy– vs –boy “Back Door Santa’s”
brutal isn’t it; lack of justice or is this wright jest singing
along with “Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels”; to that
“Devil in a Blue Dress”, steering US along to who knows
where is the first, that made it to third, or best, and when
this world ends, and in which precise and annihilating way!
Could be this week-end, and or then again... “once upon
a time, the geese drank wine”, imagine that... Finis!


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