What is your purpose?

I understand, not much; or plenty
of understanding that which is understood
an understatement; really! To understand
that which is under stated; understatement’s head!
or ball cap, or ball sack, or gunnies sack, or Sad Sack!
Go ahead, stretch out your sack; cloth’, and
shake out the bone and ashes of your thoughts
with opened minds, and opening hearts; un-conform
your lives! Let your worldly shite fly… away!
Release your words, give this Earth her chance
to heal; your sin! Then again, maybe, kinda;
sort out of this whole; faith’s part; just to start
a fire to burn the wickedness from your weary souls!
Accept the new that has come for you
all!, and all of your relations
not religion’s smacking downs or inhumanity’s inept visions
of what the ending of your time on Earth will be… come!
One; come all, welcome to my STURM-A-CANE!
a more current and timely definition of this mission
that I accepted on be-halve of humankind!
That the all of US, may bare new fruit and
not those sharp and pro-baited demonic fangs!
Some new’ definition; of ONE’S SPECIAL PURPOSE


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