Oh the piano plays in the atmosphere of echo
The angles you hear & curves, the same reaction
Ahh the old times
If your reading this your dying
That beautiful voice flying
The scream for help of trying
Miles on end you hear
I love this song to death it’s my only fear
Remember it all, clear
It’s hard to find what you love
That piano melody it has answers & holds all life & death
That sound to drive yourself mad
It’s back with its curves
Though I live for that very feeling
Yes, evil moments we stumble upon though those very moments could be our savior
You are petrified now still & forever yet you were saved okay?
We must express our capabilities through moments of self experience
I want the best of luck for you
What happens to us is meant okay?
It’s hard to get out there & open up about what you love
It’s hard to play the game fair
The pleasure you get when you are all alone & it’s just you
Is it really pleasure?
I wish I can recollect the opening
The response to yourself when you are alone writing poetry
I wish for someone to notice me
I am an indigo child
It’s hard to get out there & change for the better
Everything is simple now
No more nightmares
It’s hard to live IF you don’t know how
Live for me girl
You own everybody’s world okay?

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