“Crystal earth crystal earth
Where did your eyes go at crystal birth”
1812 was when I was a still being
Ohio hills I’m coming for you
Crystal morning were leaving
Pack your belongings too
It’s becoming rapid
mules are out & hungry for his own blood
Blood meal for our green wilderness
Blood mules for our one world
These women are dry sucking beast
Who want nothing more than to just release precious hormones
& to hear our men moan
Have you ever had a self inflicted hole in your mind?
Just for your own universe?
The crystal earth is gone it was sold & bought, now governed
Do you know we are ruled by plastic executive lucifers?
Did you know we are gods from are own future?
The earth was once crystallized
Hypnotized at birth I realized this is earth
Blood meal for our plants
Mules for the world
Earths eye crystalized shut
It’s been forever since I wrote my head is out & I am all by myself
My long hair has wrapped around my neck as if it were my serpent friend that I once knew
“She went in there”
Look at your love
Get in her
It’s not what you say
It’s your actions towards her
It’s how you think
"Listen I’ll tell you what to look for it will be a big, great, wet, trap,& its PINK
Something you want to get inside of"
I am craving to demonstrate the truth about intelligence just just for you
My appetite grows strong for this girl
You will not watch as I stay hungry
For later I will be feasting!
& certainly the people will be disgusted
Intelligence is the only thing that can preserve fruit & will lead you more in
I am serious I cannot say this enough
I am going through something
Something Through you
I am waiting for you
I will not go

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Robert L. Martin
presque 5 ans

Very passionate

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Delilah Mike gredence

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