Just don’t forget me,
I’ll do anything,
cover myself in jelly,
If it’ll keep me on your telly.
I won’t talk about babies in bunkers,
or limbless hospital fillers,
the starving stealing,
or refugees grieving.
I’ll talk about ME:
how I want to be
on your TV
I can take care of justice
and peace and love and all that stuff
we don’t do anymore
once I’m famous.
I’m tugging at your crumbs of loving
by accepting the challenge
of sleeping with ants,
or squids,
or you.
I don’t even care if I have to host a game-show
with my one-inch embarrassment
the elephant
in the studio.
Just let me do as you please:
Jump through hoops, dish the dirt, spill the beans,
kiss the rodents, eat breast milk cheese,
roll in mud, get dragged by a horse,
and yes Meatloaf, even *that*, of course!
Just as long as I can relieve this desperation
this Olympic flame, this craving need,
so easily lit which I now must feed
so please won’t you heed
and switch on your TV to watch me bleed?
Fuck the hungry
and those that despair,
I too can be that needy, I promise.
I swear.
This is my very last go
Please, please, put me on your unfairground show.
Round and round the ratings spin
and you know
they are nothing
without me in
drinking gin,
in my spandex sin,
spouting autocue words,
on a blue screen verandah,
to keep the world
so much blander.
My blinkered fairground detractions,
could help numb those actions,
you would be compelled to otherwise make,
to steer the world to a better place.
So help me to help me to help
your life pass much quicker!
Let’s keep the phone lines open
and our eyes shut super-tight.
Vote, vote, VOTE for me tonight.
All night, every night.
Just never say “Goodnight”


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Mr Moonlight
plus de 5 ans


Mr Moonlight
plus de 5 ans

Just saw this comment - thank you so much!

plus de 5 ans

annoyingly hilaious! this is great!

presque 6 ans

I always come back to this one. You are a wonderful poet.

Mr Moonlight
Environ 6 ans

Wow! It's nice to know others share the same feelings about these things as I do. Many thanks!

Environ 6 ans

Your writing is absolutely amazing! This is so much the way these types of things seem to me, it's even creepier to see you spell it out so clearly. So much fun to read though!

Mr Moonlight
Environ 6 ans

Yes, it does move about a bit. I wanted it to feel needy and demanding. Guess that worked, but I hope it's not too random. Thanks for commenting!

B. B. Woodall
Environ 6 ans

So many bizarre juxtapositions of imagery and never-before-seen metaphors that I must cheer for the originality!
The energy of this poem wore me out reading it--but in a good way. Well done.

plus de 6 ans

Nice.Plenty of those about.

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