being so still
inanimate objects
to my will
I do decree
that the forces that bind
you to exist in this world
do respond
to my twinkle star mind
I’m editing you
in time and space
and still you sit
unmoved in your place
maybe my physic powers
weren’t so gifted
in the handout queue
as I’d expected
All I ask is a little jump
confirmation that my mind
isn’t just a lump
of atoms
like you
are just a thing
If I concentrate
I swear I hear you sing
yet still you stay there
resolutely immobile
against my will


Have to ever tried to move any object using only your mind? I have. And failed. So far...


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Oscarr C. Bearheart
Environ 6 ans

I've heard it was a...big...bang. eh? Eh?

Mr Moonlight
Environ 6 ans

Heehee, the first one went with quite a bang.

Oscarr C. Bearheart
Environ 6 ans

I'm sure if you planned a surprise party for it, that would be best. Anyone know when it's physics' birthday?

Mr Moonlight
Environ 6 ans

Sadly so. I'm so sure I can 'surprise' the laws of physics, just don't quite know how.

Oscarr C. Bearheart
Environ 6 ans

I have tried that before. And I just tried it again. One day we will be able to utilize more of our brain power. I guess for now we have to be content with red faces.

plus de 6 ans

I think everyone's tried to do it at some point whether they care to admit it or not. Excellent writing

Mr Moonlight
plus de 6 ans

Heehee, literally trying to undress with your mind. Nice. Feel free to write that as a kinda creepy twist for a final verse...

plus de 6 ans

I've looked at many women and tried to remove their clothes using only my mind.Have also tried alternative methods and gotten myself into trouble.Nice poem

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