The stars whipped around like lavish braided beads of light wisdom
And serenaded the heavens into a love divine that swept the eternal floor
Glorious doors open up to see the fair wind of the an everlasting sunset
Over waters that move in and out and all is perfection
When days turned to night and the eyes turned towards mirrors, looking within
Remembering the younger years when daisies danced in bliss, and shadows danced along
And the rocks jutted out with stern countenance, setting a firm foundation
And the walls were built up, then torn down and resurrected again to stand at last
It must be that the soul longs for things that set fire to it’s embers
We are more special than a thousand stars when we see the light of love
Which whispers from an ethereal heaven that seeks us out always
The Universe is my eternal love and I will dance with it
The Stars smiled at the face which smiled back and the darkness was not seen
In eyes that look never to sorrow but only hope and faith and charity
And beyond this there is no other knowing, but we exist and we are existing
Space and time were ventured, but space was no matter in an eternal memory


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Robert L. Martin
quasi 5 anni

deep and beautiful

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