A sweet day in September.
I wore a white, princess dress.
Our future seemed bright,
It had to be true love.
It carried on into the night.
The roses were red.
And so was the wine.
The surroundings were stunning.
Every detail was divine.
I walked down the red carpet
The ceremony was flowing,
We said all the right words,
The sweet music was playing.
Looks of adoration for the duration of the day.
All had come to this lovely show to celebrate our bliss,
Feelings of love, were present throughout the day.
Our families union, was sealed with a mediocre kiss.
I had thought that because we were now married,
our love was sure to last forever!
But oh how I quickly learnt,
That it was all just a piece of paper.
Everything had changed soon after this show.
The stubborness slowly took over,
in place of our love,
in place of my fleeting glow,
Feelings of resentment had soon begun to grow.
I felt lonely and lost,
For it was not what I had expected!
Life was meant to become easier,
we were together and in love!
The writing was on that piece of paper!
Two different people
Wanting too many different things.
It turned out that our love wasn’t true,
Our lives together, it just wasn’t meant to be.
I would really love to find the one for me,
And I want to be the one for them.
I want it to feel natural.
And when I am with them, I want to be feeling free!
I don’t need a piece of paper.
No need for any rings.
All that I ever wanted,
was to find a love that is pure.
A love that is true.
This is the love that I desire,
The sort of love I need.
I will know when I have found it,
I will know once I truly glow.
A love full of excitement,
A beautiful love that will forever continue to grow!
A love full of passion,
Where words are not needed!
A love full of adventure,
With sparks in our kisses.
Where every day with each other feels new,
A love that inspires,
A life full of blissful surprises!
Life hasn’t gone the way I intended.
It no longer matters how the journey starts.
The importance lies in how my story ends.
With the love that I shall find,
The type of love worth living for.


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quasi 7 anni

Well, that's awesome then lol but that song is far too good =)

Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni

Reminds me of the old song "November Rain"

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