Scared of pain and fearful of hurt, you have left me wounded and sore.
My dreams have been burnt and everything looks broken.  
My hopes for our future destroyed and my heart is shattered. 
In that small room, a million pieces, left on the floor.  
Then you went and you closed its door.
I am now left too scared to look inside, and too afraid to have faith again. 
How do I learn to trust once more? 
If someone begins to knock on that door?
How can I allow them in? 
When I am aching to heal,  and protect myself from within?
A million pieces, left on the floor.  
I just hope one day, I learn to open that door.


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quasi 7 anni

Thanks Jessica!

quasi 7 anni

Very talented

quasi 7 anni

Thanks Cory!

Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni

Love this! Nicely done!

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