It’s not you, it’s me.
Cliché, but true.
I need to leave you be.
I think you were sweet,
I think you were a treat.
But I can’t keep this going,
I can’t keep you falling.
You deserve so much more,
So I have opened the door,
For you to go out and continue to explore.
I’m sorry I did this,
No, I don’t want another kiss.
Keep enjoying the world,
For it has so much to offer.
And I will just become a bother.
One day soon you will see,
That it’s not you, it’s me.
Please trust me when I say
that there are so many reasons,
why I had to let you be.


Hmmm. So basic, but I needed a vent haha.

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circa 6 anni

thank you :)

circa 6 anni

I am doing that now actually =p

circa 6 anni

check out my poetry if you get a chance, would really appreciate the feedback!

circa 6 anni

=) oh yes!!!

circa 6 anni

I totally get this

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