Little sparkle,
how you are sure to shine!
And when you are here,
your mummy can have some wine!
A beautiful healthy princess,
Soon to arrive upon earths door!
With plenty of things for you to learn and see,
And many wonders in this world for you to explore.
Little sparkle,
You are already making your presence well known..
And already causing drama..
Nevertheless, princess,
it is you that we shall all adore!
Little sparkle,
In this world that can sometimes seem mundane,
we shall pray and patiently wait!
And we hope you don’t give your mummy too much pain!
Little sparkle,
We are so excited for we cannot wait to meet you!
And when the day comes for you to finally arrive,
the world is sure to sparkle too!


Just a little something for a special friend of mine :)

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Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni


quasi 7 anni

Haha. Yeah and mummy is really looking forward to that wine I believe! =p

Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni

"And we hope you don't give your mummy too much pain!"Amen :)

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