So many years.
I had patiently waited.
For what seemed impossible.
So many tears were shed.
My life had been consumed,
with thoughts of you.
The days seemed long.
Each week felt like a month.
Until one splendid summer afternoon.
The news finally came.
You were there.
You were really there!
I had so many dreams for you.
I had everything already prepared.
Already planned.
For when you would one day be here.
You made my life complete.
All it took, was knowing you were there.
You were there.
You were really there!
Even though your existence was fleeting,
I had infinite love for you.
I was already a Mother.
I still am and I shall forever be, it’s true.
For you are my precious little teardrop.
I shall have to accept that for whatever reason,
you existed for only a season,
your presence was only for a moment.
My precious little teardrop,
in my memory you shall stay,
where I can always carry you,
and keep you safe and sound.


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over 6 years


over 6 years

Thank you :)

Olga Gavrilovskiy
over 6 years

It is beautiful. The conscious choice to remember the unborn life with joy, instead of grief.

over 7 years


Cory Garcia
over 7 years


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