Dedicating this to the person of my future =)

Show me the way
Show me to you
How do I get there?
To be with the real you?
I want you in your entirety.
I want you and all your vices.
Because that’s where the truth lies.
Show me to the real you.
I want to live my life with you.
I want to explore the wonders of the world with you.
I don’t want us to leave any stone unturned.
Show me to the real you.
With new wishes I have replaced,
the broken dreams that I once had.
That version of myself that I once hid,
You have helped me to see, and brought out the real me.
You have shown me how to pick up,
those pieces of my once shattered heart.
The trust that I was so scared to feel,
you have shown me how to heal.


I'm not done with this yet.

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quasi 7 anni

Muhaha =p

Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni

nicely done :) someone is on the prowl lol

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