The fear.
The hurt.
The pain.
The swelling of the heart.
The daunting silence.
The worries of the unknown future.
What if I am forever numb?
Or unable to feel anything again?
What was once so basic now seems so complex.
In this new sky of feelings, a broken dove weeps.
Unable to mend her broken wings.
Unable to fly.
Unable to explore this sky.


And she's back to square 1!!!

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circa 6 anni

Yeah I hear ya!

circa 6 anni

This is what I felt when "someone" moved away.........

circa 6 anni

Thanks Cory!! =)

circa 6 anni

Thank you!! =)

circa 6 anni

Well done!

Cory Garcia
circa 6 anni

Nicely done :)

circa 6 anni

Thank you. Life just seems like one big confusing series of messy situations. At least it keeps us entertained though =)

circa 6 anni

I really love this, and I read "My Life Is Like A Circus" and I feel as though I can completely relate to what you're writing. Life is certainly not an easy thing.

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