You want me,
you’ve made that very clear.
But that’s not enough for me.
I don’t want lust, I want love.
Do you love me?
You’ve made that horribly confusing.
You’re everything to me,
everything I could ever need.
I’ve fallen for you.
Not just you as a whole,
but all of your details as well.
I’ve fallen for the way you turn your head,
the way your smile sounds on your lips,
the subtle charm that constantly flows from you,
the way your hands move when you use them to illustrate your words.
Every little bit of you enchants me.
That’s why when you ask what it is about you that I like so much,
the only answer I can give is
You’ve taken me over completely
and I don’t mind.
I love you,
every bit of you.
But do you love me?
You’ve made this horribly confusing.

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Janaviya ♡
oltre 6 anni

Love this ..

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