a love affair

A Life Affair
        a love affair
We live.
And believe.
Let go.
We accept.
Believing in ourselves
Itself inspirational.
Believing in the will
Outside ourselves
Fulfills us even more.
We live.
Our faith transcends us
To the unknown.
Stripped naked
We become transparent.
More is seen of us
As we become
We respire.
We are humbled.
We see more and more in the less.
We see love.
We love the less the more.
Subconsciously we welcome the next.
The nothing.
We believe.
We smile.
And smile
Even more
In the less
Before us.
A life affair
We repeat.
A wonderful life
Live spontaneously.
Moment to moment.
Darkness to light.
Coming alive like a rainbow
On a misty morning sunrise.
From the white light
Breaking out through tiny beads
Of the droplets prism.
At times full circle.
At times fading.
At times dual.
At times a wisp.
We let go.
And in the haze
At times dying.
A life affair.
Once a dream.
A wish
A love affair
We accept.
        * * *
Photo: ndr Sedona

Dedicated to all lovers of life. And to all who are coping loving life. As sure as the sun sets “the sun also rises”. Trite but full of hope and eternal. Here’s hoping the light shines through that mist and a rainbow of happiness brightens your heart.

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almost 3 years

Aaaah indeed. In short, we live and love, more or less.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

@Vic: Yes absolutely. Our faith our reserve our strength. As we simplify things in life we begin to love the less, we cope better and we love more.

Thanks Brod for liking.

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