outside the comfort zone

a space in time
                   outside the comfort zone
the choice is very clear
life and death
sacrifice some time temporarily away
from your loved ones and friends
look forward to seeing them
walking up to them just like you did
prior to this raging scourge of sufferings
walking up to meet again
above ground rather than be trapped
permanently quarantined underground
in hell’s death dungeon
we stay cool not lose our common sense
under this intense heat of uncertainties
courtesy of the pandemic unfolding
before our eyes that is blinding driving
us to fear a fear of the unknown
why we shelter seek refuge at home
comfort with loved ones
never we would get
to the point of self pity
rather must maintain self esteem
composure with our sense of humor
keep our strength and courage
with the belief that all bad things shall pass
a ferocious killer like this one simultaneously
igniting the rings of fire worldwide
will satiate itself and will blow away
we take a breath as always deep down
into the tiny air sacs of our lungs
say hello to our dear life’s accordions
the bellows that have sustained us
through this bad dream
a continuous nightmare virus
stalking us during the day time chores
and made a slave of us laughing
like the devil incarnate himself
with his red trident tail snapping
in the flickering embers of hell
his horned corona mocking scornful
at the best things we do to keep him away
sticking like a monster glue to our skin
invisible penetrating our orifices
the armor garments our defensive line
with ease leaving us blind to all it does
where it is going and repeat and repeat
the carnage deepening the craters
it gnawed open replicating itself
many more times with glee blowing
like a nonstop perfect firestorm of
devastating force of fierce intensity
the fire tornados zigzagging all over
the cells of humanity in a Petri dish
until the  bodies are scorched sucked out
of oxygen the embers smothered
a dying protocol distancing from loved ones
left alone in a death bed the remains sealed
faith hope and love and strength
the St Michael embedded in our soul
the healer angel of death the bridge
to paradise heaven above the clouds
slayer of the serpent Satan soon
can thrust lunge a sword deep into
the devil’s throat into the hell bowels
the fiery chamber of his invisibility
exposed to the sun’s corona cosmic rays
the reaper’s horned head will flame out
like it was meant to be what it is
the invisible agent of death
literally burned to oblivion
never to be seen again
that is our strength our
faith hope and love
we take a breath as always deep down
into the tiny air sacs of our lungs
say hello to our dear life’s accordions
the bellows that have sustained us
through this bad dream
stretching gingerly we go outside the edges
of our comfort zones looking around
we see friends and loved ones
walk out meet up and celebrate life
like it has never been celebrated before
we have seen the damage done
the children of paradise earth badly hit
Mother Nature wept over a ghost town Earth
yet true to form a space in time she keeps
she gives back for our togetherness evermore
risen healed stronger ever whole again
we celebrate the old fashioned way and some
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Risen. Whole again.

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