...sail on Brod...

A Tau Alphan Rises
           ..sail on Brod...
Did not go gentle
Into that good night not he
Quiet rage he did
Forbearing kind soul he kept
Fought gently let go accept
Peace flowed in like a light breeze
Graced family beloved ones
A gift from above
A soul now given back yes
An Alphan rises
Dust to dust peace in return
Long Live Brother Bob Sail On
Sail On
Photo:Cid Marcus
Video: by Brod Chips Delgado’72
Departed Brods 7:21 minutes

A Tau Alphan taken down by Covid 19 complications rises Phoenix like forever shines sailing the river Milky Way with other departed Argonauts in the Argo Navis Constellation.
Sail on Brod Bobby Coronel’66A. Sail on.

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Robert L. Martin
5 months

Sail on sail on

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
5 months

Thanks Robert.

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