“And Heaven and Nature Sing”

“And Heaven and Nature Sing”
Winter hibernation in the cold quiet night
We layer get all the heat in a space li’l tight
Settle reflect on the days gone reminiscing
Stay snug a warm love we get in a cocoon
Soft down blanket night cap and socks on
Empty eyes stare the stucco snowy coarse
Ceiling body lay motionless stiff as a corpse
Burrowed down beneath the warm covering
Until the eyes blink blink blink blink and close
Haunting soft notes start whistling from the nose
Echo into the realms of the mind subconscious
The dark space events catch all cavernous
Attic of bliss anxieties desires passions yearning
Unfulfilled kept wrapped in languishing sorrow
Like the rhythmic languor beats of Ravel’s bolero
Yet share a sublime rhythm of pure consciousness
As there is anticipation an advent of happiness
A beat repetition that makes the music ennobling
Encompassing a soul with elevating cheer tender
Warming spirit that seeps in the dead of winter
A looking ahead a waiting for joy of joy with joy
Gaze to the rising of the stars to brighten enjoy
The cave our dark world of desires... and dreaming
That we may once again open our eyes to a glorious
Blue sky springtime vivid nature rich and luscious
As we await the magical coming of cycle of feasting
As ever in awe in chorus with angels in heaven and nature we sing
Photo:ndr from a Christmas wall frame
Video: Mary’s Boy Child (Jesus Christ) by BoneyM about 5.40 minutes.

The Advent of “good tidings of great joy”
Seasonal offerings from Mother Nature
In sync we all await and behold in awe
The magical coming cycle of feasts

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