a revelation

April 2
A rose is a rose
Any other is not close
Certain not by nose
Nature’s color wheel blooms soon
Gossamer wings twirl and swoon
Their sweet appetite whetting
Hummingbirds whistle wetting
Season changes honed
Flower fragrances fooled none
Come April’s day con
Life’s ups and downs keen no less
Passions matching values bless
April 2 revelation
April 1 consternation

Looking in the mirror on April 1

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about 1 month

Like Brod. You really are haiku royalty.

Robert L. Martin
about 1 month

Hi Nelson.
Good to hear from you again. Good poem. I had look up the word "consternation.," It got me off my lazy butt and drove me over to the dictionary to look it. Good work. I finally got off my lazy butt.

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