Ave Maria

           Ave Maria
Path to Golgotha
Virgin immaculate heart
Merciful woman
Wept broken body and soul
Beloved had fallen asleep
In the Garden of Gethsemane
But Lo and Behold Mary has risen!
Apparitions faithfuls seen
Healing graces through her tears
(c)NDR8.15.2018 Feast of the Assumption
Photo: ndr Blessed Virgin Mary Assumption,
wall painting taken in Colegiata Santa Maria Mayor Cathedral, Toro, Spain 2013.

So many literature/music pieces have been written about the Mother of Christ-Blessed Virgin Mary that it seems superfluous coming up with this little sketch, but I felt like celebrating her Ascent to Heaven sans dogmas, just an expression of hope-a healing faith in our intercessor with God, an ace in the hole so to speak kept in our heart.

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