At The Bank

A Day In The Life

At The Bank
I met a stranger on my way out
The other day at the bank
The same gentleman sitting
In the waiting room across from me.
Glances in more than a few instances
Were thrown at me perplexed smiles
Pleasant whenever he looked
Not nearly concealing a great admiration.
Outside we bumped into each other
“Hey, you look great, fit and well dressed
What is the secret of your success?”
Shook his hand, “Really, do I?”.
Walking continued our elevator talk
Ahead was my top down two sitter
Roadster Z3 shook his hand again
Worry less, enjoy life, bid him goodbye.
Younger than me he responded with pleasure
Spring on his walk back to his old four door sedan
Driving out waving to each other, humbly amused
Bit bemused, life is good even with total strangers!
©NDR 2014

Amazing day I had just sitting, waiting to be called in by a bank staff. I was a bit
puzzled by this gentleman's admiration of me as I was only carrying on a day
in the life, not dressed in any special way. I was both amused and bit bemused.
You never know when and where roses show up, can't help but just be in
the aura of their fragrance.

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