A narrative: crows and seagulls fly together

Beach Day
Summery balmy soothing late fall afternoon
Not a speck of cloud best time to catch a sunset
Waiting for a sweetheart blushing to smile
Enjoy the moment the reddish sun settles down
Kisses the horizon a greenflash there’s a chance
Like a honey bee buzzing for nectar
Over a lone wild rosebud eager to open
Witness the water calmly swaying receiving
Gently touch by the sun turns radiant hues
Reddish warm gentle waves move to the shore
And on cue from the clear blue the crows perched
Close to the gull alone on the cliff top unperturbed
Crows from nowhere suddenly there on the beach
Appeared they roosted forever on the shore calmly they come
An October surprise a beautiful sight of nature not seen often
Best time to catch nature at its best a changing of scenery
Predictable yes even fleeting it reassures one’s hope and faith
That a community of togetherness among beings
Outside the human bubble remains solid at all times
If only all would reach within their souls unlock
Their hearts where compassion dwells ingrained
The crows did not crackle the seagull rested at peace
No disturbance created they appeared to be old friends
Looking straight ahead into the horizon now
Slowly sinking the sun spread a twilight crimson shade
Simply a wonder of nature a hued shimmering sea
A blue moon October a halloween harvest time
A cooling off inland from a summer of discontent
A challenging year sheltering in from uncertainties
A crow on the beach a civil appearance a hope
A sign of normality as we know it will come to pass
We feel the change as the seasons switch gears
Best time to catch a sunset maybe a greenflash
The moment the reddish sun kisses the horizon
Turns the divide to glisten a radiance to the shoreline
A time to roost reflect on the essence of the unknown
The cerulean sky saw the crows and the seagulls
Together zero in to feed on the bounty from the the sun
Flowing in from the glorious sea
Feathering into foams on the shores
A gift offering of love for the shorebirds to partake
A joy to see a glorious time on a beach day to keep
Photo: ndr Crystal Cove Beach, Newport, CA

A seagull in meditation on top of a cliff in Crystal Cove Beach, California. A few crows showed up, pearched close to the seagull.

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3 months

The sunset tells us that the day is almost over. It reminds us of the importance of time and how we should make good use of it. And autumn sunsets are the best because they not only signify the end of the day, but more importantly the end of fair weather as we unwillingly march towards the jaws of winter. A wonderful time for reflection.

Thanks for sharing Brod.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
3 months

As well thank you Brod. Brace for a 2020 winter solstice! Should be very interesting.

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