@#$&*%! Crows

              @#$&*%! Crows
Finally put down the book three in the morning got up from bed
To bathroom groping eyes half open back in bed you started
Sheep counting your dreams the ones the only in your dreams
Come true you’re wishing again they can in fantastical gleams
You feel rested exfoliated of the days stresses
Miraculously the soft spot on the pillow caresses
You begin to feel free walk on the clouds meet angels
Your body made its last turn onto your sleeping angle
Slight snoring at times a raspy short whistle repeats
Backaches hardly felt feel comfortable and complete
As you drift drift drift meander the pathway to slumber
Slight snoring at times a raspy short whistle lingers
Carried away into fantasy land dreamland castles
Float semiconscious with angels all your muscles
Supple looking to sleep in catch eight hours no matter...
Flocks of crows at dawn jerk you up with cawcawcaw chatter
                               * * *
Photo: Public Domain. Nyx Goddess of the Night

Agh! Again you accept.

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