I Love You

Life Goes On

Life goes on
Dreams never fade
There is miracle
In every breath you take
You partake in the celebration
The continual feast of life
You inhale soak your body with all
Nature around you
You take that next breath
Share it with your soul
Forever more
Before you do anything else
Open your eyes
See the glorious beautiful things
Blanketed by the serene tapestry
The sun and the moon had put together
Soft whispers of color breezes
A rainbow that now surrounds you
Gentle souls
Ever longing eyes wanting to talk to you
Smile with you
Fragrant scents
Ever radiant color wheel petals eager to please you
Laugh with you
  God’s presence –all saying
    “I love you”
                                 * * *
Photo:ndr The sun and the moon moments before the start of the
Serene Tapestry on August 21, 2017.

The other day as I emptied my cup of coffee the grounds in
the bottom of the cup formed a rainbow image without the colors
of course but the curved image distinctly showed a rainbow silhouette.
I am not a "coffee grounds reader" (tea leaf reading) but I could
not help seeing it that no matter how dark the image you see
in front of you there is always a bright color on the flip side for you to behold.
Thus this poem tries to capture that feeling.

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