...season of joy forlorn

Late 2019
A contagion born
  Late fall the season of Joy
Ringing bells forlorn
Silent anguish cries
  Across bubble towns our minds
Yes hell on earth rise
Under a blanket of doom
  Seemed no escape pending gloom
Healing hymns heard resounding
  Songs of faith hope echoing
Balconies a symphony
  Amidst dread times agony
Photo:Sergio Moraes/Reuters

Classical musicians husband and wife play for neighbors from their balcony during the coronavirus outbreak, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Robert L. Martin
4 months

I just got my second shot today. I hope everything gets back to normal again soon. I hope the musicians and actors can get back to work soon.

4 months

It was scary when it first started. As you said "Seemed no escape pending gloom".

I used to take off my clothes soon as I got home and hit the showers right away. Before I even say hello to my wife. I guess we have mellowed some from those early days.


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